Beginner Pole Series: Beginner Pole; Beginner Aerial Technique; and Beginner Pole Tricks
Welcome to pole dancing for fitness! If you have never had a class, you will need to start here!  Beginner Pole is choreo-based in which you will always learn a
new 'routine'. Beginner Pole Tricks focuses on just the spins and beginner-level aerial elements. You will learn at least 3 different beginner spins/tricks,
including proper technique, body alignment, and hand placement. At the end of class, you will put them together to music into a routine. In this class, you will be
introduced to our very own method of teaching pole spins and tricks on the pole - success will be YOURS. You will be gaining new upper body and core
strength. Beginner Aerial Tech is exercises on the pole that introduces you to the different hand-grips; use of fulcrums, and broader work in leverage and
pulling down-to -go-up concepts to increase your overall progress on the pole. You will work all parts of your upper body and core, as well as, your calves and
hip flexors! Stick to all 3 of these pole classes until you are ready to move on to our "Simple" and/or "Sexy"  series of pole dance classes. Be ready to work your
core and muscles that you never knew existed!

Length: 1 hour /Beginner Level

Simple Pole Series: Poleography; Simple Pole; Simple Acro Pole; Simple Pole Tricks; Acro Chair & Simple Pole; Simple Pole Fusion; Simple Aerial
Poleography is a class whereby the focus is the connection to music and the transitions Some Simple Tricks may be use as part of the choreo. In Simple Pole,
you will learn a new choreographed routine comprising of  1 - 3
simple tricks/spins with proper transitions and begin to aerial. Choreography includes floor
work and fillers that are more challenging fusing new hand grips and use of your fulcrum. You will be learning much of the choreo that is used in Pole I classes
but at a slower pace and proper progressions. In Simple Tricks, the focus is the spin or aerial element and its proper transition in and out. Our Acro Pole is a
very popular class at the studio and in our international workshops! Acro pole is full of tricks that use the pole/floor simultaneously for some killer dynamic
tricks! These tricks function as introductory fillers for competition routines and often are easier than they appear. And now we have created an Acro class for
advanced-beginner/intermediate level ('Simple Pole Series) so that you, too, can begin to do handstands/shoulderstands/forearm-stands with the pole! Acro
Chair & Simple Pole fuse the use of the chair  and pole for a new twist on traditional pole spins! See below for Simple Pole Fusion. Simple Aerial Transitions is
class that focuses on the aerial transitions between different elements.

Length: 1 hour/Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate Levels

Sexy Pole
This class's choreography is made up of sexy poses and fillers on the pole with floor work to create one hot 'n' steamy routine Sexy Poles allows you to focus
on the flow that makes authentic exotic dancing so visually captivating. You will develop both flexibility, core strength, and coordination that you can apply to your
other fitness classes at Antix! This class is for all levels! In Sexy Pole, the "pole shoes" are preferred otherwise, bare feet. (No stripping is involved.)

Length: 1 hour.
Must have completed Beginner Pole Series and ready for and/or attending Simple Pole Series

Pole I
As in Simple Pole, in Pole I, you will always learn a new routine. However, in Pole I, you will also begin to create combinations from existing tricks and spins
and with your increased confidence in the pole, you will also learn to use momentum in ways you have never used before! You will be learning to execute
climbing sequences along with aerial elements. This class will help build and define your skills! Feel free to bring your own music. After only a few classes, you
will begin to see your arms and abs take on a whole new shape as you build core strength.

Prerequisite: All Specialty Workshops: The Basic Invert;; Basic Inverts; Outside and Inside Leg Hang; 90-degree Angle; The Basic Handspring; Handsprings;
and Reverse Caterpillar Climb/Ayesha.
Length: 90 minutes/Upper Intermediate/Advanced Level

Climb and Invert
This is our original class! As in all of our classes, a new 'routine' will be taught, however, in this class the routine will comprise of climbing sequences and
tricks from the invert family. In this class, you will strengthen your upper body and core, especially the lats as we begin with conditioning exercises that focus on
aerial technique. We then will focus on one or two new aerial tricks related to the invert family! This class ideally prepares you for the more aerial sequences
that are taught in Pole II!

Prerequisite: All Specialty Workshops: The Basic Invert;; Basic Inverts; Outside and Inside Leg Hang; 90-degree Angle; The Basic Handsprings; Handsprings;
and Reverse Caterpillar Climb/Ayesha. Must attend Pole I consistently.

Length: 90 minutes/Advanced Level

Pole II
This class is more advanced and moves at a quicker pace than Pole I. Pole II builds upon the skills that you have gained. We will start with some pole
conditioning and Aerial Technique. You then will take the sequences/passes that you learned in Climb & Invert and put into choreography.  Antix is the leading
pole dance studio in the state that is able to instruct these amazing acrobatics on the pole with the safest and most effective methods! Also, feel free to bring
your own music. As your upper body becomes stronger, you will be able to perform more difficult elements. You will be amazed by your own progress!

Prerequisite: Must be attending Pole I with Climb and Invert consistently
Length: 90 minutes/Advanced Level

Pole  III/Free-Style Dance & Performance
No other facility offers a class like it!  With your arsenal of tricks, spins, and transitions that you have acquired, the challenge is for you to now choreograph your
own routine. The instructor functions as only a facilitator. She will choose the music selection and style of dance (with your input) and upon hearing it, you can
pair up with a partner or work as an individual to put your own routine together. This class is your ultimate achievement as a pole dancer. This class defines the
true art of pole dancing; you interpret a song to dance! Creating your own choreography is a skill that must be practiced and is beneficial at ANY level! This
class help you discover and define the artist within you!

Length: 1 hour/All Levels

Acro Pole/Base Tricks/ Aerial Transitions
These classes are held periodically and are instrumental for Pole I and Climb & Invert classes!

Length: 1 hour/Upper Intermediate - Advanced Level

Pole Fusion
This class combines the best of pole dancing! We will start with 45 minutes of Pole Conditioning/Aerial Technique that will increase your core and upper body
strength and improve your overall endurance during performances. We then will move onto a 15 minute deep stretch. Finally, we will move to the choreography
portion as we complete a regular Simple Pole or Pole I class (45 minutes).  Combined this is at least a 90 min class that strictly focuses on the Pole!

Length: 90 minutes
Simple Pole Fusion = Beginner/Intermediate Level; Sexy Pole Fusion = Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level; Advanced Pole Fusion = Upper-Intermed/Advn

Aerial Technique/Pole Conditioning
In the words of Fawnia, “This is the most challenging class you will ever have taken!” This class combines endurance building aerial drills that integrate
smooth aerial transitions that will improve your overall performance/technique on the pole! We will work: biceps; triceps; all points of your shoulders; upper
back, abs & obliques and an often over sighted hip flexors! Proper breathing is stressed and taught. You will be sweating within the first 4 minutes of this high
paced/high intensity class! You will become an aerial beast by incorporating these exercises and drills on a daily basis and by repeating them, learning new
elements become easy because of the aerial endurance you have attained!

Prerequisite: Must be able to Basic Invert (with no kick-up) & Climb
Length: 30 - 1 hour/Upper Intermediate - Advanced Level

Open Pole Workout
This class is designed for you to come and practice what you are learning in your pole dancing classes. The instructor functions as a coach/facilitator, helping
you with spins/tricks that are challenging for you. This is a great opportunity to work on an upcoming pole competition or showcase performance!

Length: 1 hour/All Levels


Lap Dance
Learn how to maneuver around your partner's lap with expertise! A new routine will be taught each class where you learn the technique and method of an
authentic lap dance. Furthermore, you will learn how to use your assets to their fullest! This class will also help to strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, and
lower back muscles!

Length: 1 hour/All Levels

Sexy Chair
This is a choreography-based class (extoci/authentic style) in which you use the chair as a prop in combination with exotic dance floor work. You will learn a
new routine in which you will learn to seamlessly meld transitions from the chair to the floor and from the floor back on to the chair!  Don't forget your pole shoes!

Length: 1 hour/All Levels

Sexy Floor Work
No pole needed! Just pole shoes as you learn to walk, slide, crawl, and basic shoulder stands and rolls - just like an exotic dancer!

Length: 1 hour/All Levels

Club Dance

Length: 1 hour;/All Levels

Ballet Technical
You will never attend another class like this one at another studio! Arlene is a professional dancers, instructor, and performer. This class is an adult
contemporary ballet bar class focusing on drills, form, lines, flexibility and overall technique. Never had a ballet class? That is okay! Our amazing instructor s
able to teach to all levels in this class so that you will be highly challenged at your level. As with all classes at Antix, this class is designed to make you aerially
stronger and graceful for the pole.

Length: 1 hour/All Levels

Yoga Dance Flow
This all-level class fuses contemporary jazz/ballet with traditional yoga flows! A great twist that will develop you as a dancer!

Length: 1 hour

Yoga for Dancers
Combination of traditional yoga, acro yoga, and partner/acro yoga!

Welcome to Antix Fitness Studio!
The Experts in Pole Dancing for Fitness

We offer the BEST in pole fitness, non-pole alternative, and traditional group fitness classes!
All of our classes work together to get you better on the pole!
Core 'n' Sculpt

Get amazing results with this class high-impact class! Using a Swiss ball and free weights, you will isolate and target specific muscles and muscle groups in
a small-group personal training setting. This class integrates elements of kick boxing/shadowboxing, pliometrics, cardio, and traditional strength training in a
circuit-style format so that you burn maximum calories! You will sculpt all points of your shoulders, all regions of your abdominals/core, biceps, triceps,
hamstrings, quads, and glutes. With a high amount of reps, compound exercises, and limited rests to keep the heart rate up, you will loose inches and gain
strength! This class was originally designed for ladies who want to take their pole dancing skills to the next level - to the aerial acorobatics/advanced levels!
However, all men and women will benefit! Don't worry! Modifications are made for all exercises for those with limitations. This class (including Cardio Kickbox)
is our most  challeging traditional fitness  class at Antix!

Length: 1 hour

Cardio Kickbox

A very high-paced, high impact aerobic kickbox class that will help you burn maximum calories by combining repetitive punches, hand strikes, kicks and other
self-defense moves and elements with light hand-held weights. We begin with light stretching and a cardio warm-up to move onto combinations of the above
for a very intense cardio class and sculpting class! We finish with conditioning exercises that target  the upper body and core! The hour goes fast and you will
sweat everything off that you came in with! This class (including Core 'n' Sculpt ) is our most challenging traditional fitness class at Antix!

Length: 45 minutes

Body Shred
A very high-paced/medium impact class that is made up of intervals

Length: 45 minutes

I.C.E. Workout

"ICE" is short for 'Interval Core Exercises'! This is a quick-paced, low-medium impact challenging workout that combines the best of of traditional fitness
training: strength + abs + cardio blasts intervals for one intense class! Burn calories, increase strength/endurance, and boost your metabolism! This class
prepares you for our infamous Core 'n' Sculpt and our Cardio Kickbox!

Aero Barre
A very high-paced, low-medium, ballet-infused cardio class that combines Pilates, Yoga, Sculpt and Ballet ! The design of this class is to gain greater flexibility
and a stronger core! This is done by combining the muscle-shaping principles of isometrics, the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning, and the
intense pace of interval training into a powerful exercise format that quickly and safely slims and elongates muscles. This class will help reshape the entire
body by creating carved muscles, lifted seats, flatter abs, highly defined arms, and long, lean thighs muscles. This class prepares you for our I.C.E. class!

Length: 1 hour

Mat Pilates

This is a dancer-specific non-impact mat Pilates class (with classical ballet fundamentals and dance repetoire). No other studio offers this highly-specialized
class. This class will prepare you for aerial elements on the pole and floor work. Gain core strength and flexibility.

Length: 1 hour

Length: 1 hour

Pure Strength
This is a non-impact traditional fitness class that combines intervals of strength-training and abdominal work! This class is for all levels!

Length: 1 hour