Client Testimonials
I can't say enough about these classes!  The pole dancing and lap dance classes
have been life-changing for me in ways I never expected. I'm a 35-year-old mom of 2
small children and have been very absorbed with trying to be the best mother I could
be.  In doing that, I have had little time to focus on being sexy so this class was taking
a step toward that goal.  My expectations have been surpassed beyond my wildest
dreams!  I have only taken 6 classes and it has helped to sculpt my body (which was
plateaued from my usual running and weight-training), improved my posture
dramatically, and has SPICED up my relationship with my husband.  After 11 years of
marriage, it's wonderful to see my husband's reactions to my new moves!  I just can't
say enough about these classes.

Michula has incredible energy and enthusiasm for teaching.  She makes everyone
feel comfortable and safe and knows how to push you to get better and better. She is
a master of fitness and dance and it's so motivational to see her in action!

I've gotten my best friend, sisters and sister-in-law to try a class and they all loved it.  
There is a wide range of ages and body types and the one thing we all have in
common is that we get a great workout and have a BLAST!!!

The following testimonials are taken verbatim! Let our clients
do the convincing for you!
After having my 1st class everything changed.  Not only do I feel sexier but my posture
is much better than before.  When ever I get a chance, I practice little routines
throughout the house. My marriage is great and my husband sees the improvement in
my body thanks to Antix.  The studio staff is great and makes everyone feel like they
are part of a family. The routines are easy and fun...nothing is impossible attending
Antix.  I really recommend it to all!!!  You will not be disapointed with  the instructor's
routines, professionalism and personality. If you want to have fun and see an
improvement in your work out routine...Antix does that!!!

M. Z.
I had been considering pole dancing for some time for personal enjoyment, as well
as, a way to challenge my fitness as I had reached a plateau with my workout regime.
However, I just did not want to have to drive an hour away to do it. I came across the
Antix post card when it first opened and thought, "WOW! Here is my opportunity." It just
fell in my lap and it was close to home.

My first class at Antix was absolutely awesome and it was love at first session.
Everyone has rockin' attitudes! The diveristy of everyone attending the classes in all
shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, made the environment comfortable. Michula
is awesome and very accommodating to the learning needs of every individual.

I have noticed significant changes in all aspects of my fitness. I am stronger and the
things I could not do at first I am now able to do. The moves in the class work
muscles you do not normally use and have resulted in approx. a 10 lb weight loss,
smaller thighs, flatter abs, and an increase in general body muscle tone. This
occurred in someone who was working out in the gym 4-5 days a week. These visual
results, the awesome chicks who are in the classes, and the downright challenge of
perfecting this art are what have brought me back regularly at least twice a week - in
addition to purchasing my own pole! I

My name is Melissa Cline, I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lifestlye and
Weight Management Counselor. In my job, I work with patients that have various
chronic diseases like Heart Disease and Diabetes. As a Dietitian, I must set a good
fitness and health example to patients. Prior to coming to Antix, I was running and
going to Pilates classes. I was staying at a good weight, but I looked thin, not toned.
Once I began at Antix, I not only fell in love with the pole dancing, but I also started
taking the conventional fitness class Core and Sculpt. The class has done amazing
things for my body. By taking the class twice a week I have improved my pole dancing
skills, increased my strength, I can more effectively climb the pole(which seemed
impossible to me when I first started) and I finally have definition in my arms, abs and
entire upper torso. I went from lifting 2-3 pound weights in class, to lifting 5 to 7 pound
weights in just 3 months! I've lost an inch from my waist line and increased my arm
circumference(muscle mass) by an inch! Now when I see patients they comment on
how lean and toned I am, not that I'm so skinny!. Patients are always asking me what I
do to stay in such good shape- something they never asked me before! The pole
dancing and core classes have been a wonderful addition to my lifestyle and work out
routine. They provide intense physical fitness, a fun social atmosphere, and some
really great moves for my husband at home! I can't thank Antix and Michula enough for
whipping me into shape just in time for swim suit season. As a Licensed Registered
Dietitian, I would recommend the Antix fitness studio to all females interested in
loosing fat developing muscle and increasing their lean tissue for better health and a
decreased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. Fitness is about more than just
looking good, it's about feeling great and avoiding major health problems. Whether
you choose the pole classes, the lap classes, core classes or a combination of both;
they will along with 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise will help you loose
weight and build a lean, toned body. So, if your like me (like many of my patients) and
just hate going to a gym, give Antix a call and start to enjoy your workouts and as well
as your body!

Melissa Cline
Nutrition Practicum Coordinator
Dept. of Nutrition NH1102
School of Public Health
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA 92350
Phone:  (909) 801-1827
Fax:  (909) 558-4095
I started taking pole dancing classes from Mikey almost 6 years ago.  Her
enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment to her students makes her an exceptional
instructor and mentor.  In order to continue to take pole dance classes from her after
she left the studio where I was taking pole fitness classes, I drive from Long Beach to
Redlands once a month for a private lesson.  She challenges and motivates me so I
can reach my dance and fitness goals.  I can't imagine how different my pole dancing
experience would have been if I had not started out as one of her students.  As long
as Mikey is teaching, I will be taking classes from her.

I came to Antix, because my former pole instructor left the studio I was attending and I
had become unsatisfied with their limited class offerings. I tried Antix for the first time
last night and I was truly challenged and am intrigued to come back and continue my
learning experience. Even though I was new, the instructor (Michula) made me feel
comfortable. As an instructor she motivates her students through an equal  balance of
constructive criticism and praise. Love it, want more of it!!