Instructor Workshops
Antix Master Instructor Workshops & Certification
If you are a pole dance instructor in need of some new moves, polishing of your own
technique, or taking your teaching skill to the next level so that you are a better educator in
this industry, book a workshop! We can come to you or you can come to us. Don't see what
you are looking for, we can design a workshop around your needs! We also have a total of 15
different workshops to choose from along with intensive training packages. Just ask and
they can be emailed to you! Group pricing is available!

Antix Fitness also offers a highly-structured and comprehensive certification program that
will provide you with a solid teaching methodology. No other certification program can be
compared to the expertise that we can equip you with! A basic certification and advanced
certification is available. We can come to you or you can come to us! Contact Us for more

We have divided our workshops into 2 groups: Master-Instructor Workshops and
Client-Centered Workshops . In the Master-Instructor Workshops, you, the instructor, are
given valuable information in a hard copy that further details modifications, teaching/spotting
techniques, and instructor guidelines.

In the Client-Centered Workshops, the focus is on your students learning the material. A hard
copy is given to them, as well, making it a valuable experience for them! We can come to you
or you and your clients may come to our studio!
(Exotic or
Contemporary Style)
3 hours
Gain better skill in building new and exciting
routines for your clients. You will learn new  fillers
and transitions -  the components that make a
'routine' complete. You will also learn how to format
and organize a routine so that it is easy for you to
teach and easy for your clients to learn. Your
routines will never be the same and your clients will
keep coming back!
2 hours
Learn how to build new exotic lap dance
choreography and how to format a 'routine' so that
no routine is ever the same! You will also be
introduced to how to incorporate the use of props!
(Beginner and
2 hours
This workshops focuses on inverts! Learn how to
teach inverts and their related amazing aerial
acrobatics. You will learn how to teach this group of
tricks in the most effective way - its a fail-proof
system whereby your clients build strength and
confidence even in your beginner classes! You will
also be taught how to spot your clients creating a
safe learning environment! Don't worry! All of what
you learn is outlined on paper so you won't forget a
2 hours
Learn how to teach the hottest and newest pole
tricks, spins, and static holds. Discover the secret
of the 'Perfect 7' - the building blocks of all pole
You will also learn how to ensure proper body
alignment and hand placement so that your clients
can execute each trick/spin properly and safely.
You will also be shown how to modify tricks if a
client is unable to perform a particular trick/spin.
The Perfect 7
2.5 hours
Do you ever forget the tricks and spins
that you have previously learned in your
pole dance classes? Do you need a way to
classify all of them? The Perfect 7 is a
method of classification that scientifically
breaks tricks down into their elemental
components. This knowledge will enable
you to remember on the spot what it is that
you want to perform. You will learn the 7
fundamental tricks with proper hand
placement and use of momentum along
with 7 new tricks. After taking this
workshop, you will be better equipped to
learn new tricks with greater ease in your
regular classes, giving you an overall
greater advantage. What you learn in this
workshop is invaluable and you will
continuously reap its rewards!
2 Hours
Learn and perform  Now that you have
learned to invert, take this skill to the next
level! Learn the aerial acrobatics that are
related to this trick. You will learn at least
10 fundamental tricks based on the invert.
Practicing these new tricks will also help to
strengthen your overall core including your
abdominals, obliques, lats, traps, and
Prerequisite: the basic invert
2 Hours
Let's focus on handsprings! We will use
the following grips: traditional grip ("split
grip"), twisted grip, and Chinese (aka "cup
grip") and start on the floor and then take
it aerial. We will focus on the mounting and
the dismounting making for clean
transitions into these tricks that make any
routine amazing!
Lap Dance
1 1/2 Hours
You will gain the skills and confidence of
the professional exotic dancer! You will
learn the basic design of a lap dance and
learn the elements that constitute it so that
you can choreograph your own! You will
learn how to format a lap dance so that
you can confidently prepare and perform a
different dance for weeks without
repeating the same 'routine'! Your mate
will be panting for more!
Client-Centered Workshops