'Living Social' Redemption - Start Here!
Welcome to Antix Fitness Studio!
Ready to redeem the voucher you purchased through our promotion on Living Social?

  • If you have never had a pole dance class before, you will need to start with our Beginner
    Pole series of classes: Beginner Pole; Beginner Pole Tricks; and Beginner Aerial
    Technique. Beginner Pole is choreo-based in which you will always learn a new 'routine'.
    Beginner Pole Tricks, focuses on just the spins and beginner-level aerial elements.
    Beginner Aerial Tech is conditioning exercises/drills on the pole that introduces you to the
    different hand-grips; use of fulcrums; friction; tension; and broader work in leverage and
    pulling-down-to-go-up concepts to increase your overall progress on the pole. You can start
    with any of these three classes and take them concurrently with consistency! The idea is to
    build a solid base. Stick to these pole classes until you are read to move on to our "Simple"
    and/or "Sexy" pole dance classes.

  • If you have had a pole dance class at another studio, please contact us to discuss which of
    our one-hour pole classes you should begin with!

  • Your new punchcard can also be used towards our non-pole alternative classes. You do not
    need an introductory class to participate in the following non-pole alternative classes: Sexy
    Floor Work; Sexy Chair; Yoga for Dancers; Yoga Dance Flow; Ballet; Ballates; Dancer
    Stretch; Poleography; and/or Lap Dance!

  • You do not need an introductory class to participate in any of our traditional fitness classes
    (in order of impact & intesity): Pilates; Aero Barre; Pure Strength; I.C.E; BodyShred; Core
    'n' Sculpt; and/or Cardio Kickbox. It is not recommended to start with Core 'n' Sculpt and/or
    Cardio Kickbox. These are our most challenging classes at Antix, as they are high-
    impact/high intensity.

  • Please review our Policies and Procedures: Policies. You will learn important information,
    such as, what to wear and more importantly, what NOT to wear to our classes. You will also
    learn important information regarding class cancellation, late cancellation policies.

  • Your punch card can be used towards BOTH traditional fitness classes and alternative
    classes. Each of these one hour classes are one punch. Our 90-minute pole fusion classes
    are one punch and a half; they are 90-minute alternative classes.

  • NO walk-ins for classes. A reservation is required for ALL classes..

  • Don't be nervous! Our studio is warm and welcoming. The other ladies are so kind and
    supportive! You'll see!
  • If you are tyring to redeem/activate your voucher and sign up for a class, please send an
    email to mikey@antixfitness.com. Please include the following information: 1) first and last
    name; 2) email address; 3) cell phone number; 4) purchase date of voucher; 5) number of
    classes purchased; and 6) any medical conditions or previous injuries. We then will send
    you an email entitled, "Voucher Redemption". This email will include your MindBody log in
    and other important class information so that you are able to sign up for classes using our
    class scheduling system. You then will need to log in to MindBody to create a username
    (the email address that you gave us) and a password. You will need to use MindBody for all
    class sign-ups/cancellations/check-ins.

  • Your punchcard is activated with the creation of your username and password in our
    MindBody system with an active expiration date.

  • If you purchased a voucher for your friend, she will need to send an email as mentioned

  • Sign-ups for classes begin 7 days prior to the class date. Sign-ups are on a first come/first
    serve basis. It may be difficult to sign up for a class as the date of the class becomes closer.
    Should a class become full, the system enables you to be wait listed. Should a spot
    become available, the system will notify you.

  • The promotional value of your voucher under our current promotion on Living Social expires
    180 days from your purchase date, as Living Social states. This means that ALL classes
    must be used by this expiration date. To take full advantage of our 3 month activation,
    activate your punch card 3 months prior to your expiration date. Should you redeem your
    voucher after your expiration date, we are able to honor the purchase price only. That
    means if you spent $40, this entitles you to one alternative fitness class. Extensions will
    not be provided.

  • Please "like" and follow us on our fan page on FaceBook! We post daily! You can also find
    videos and pictures of recent classes! Join the conversation! This is you studio now, too!
    Once you have redeemed your voucher and created an account in our MindBody system,
    you can also you this page to connect to our schedule! https://www.facebook.com/Antix-

  • Should you need to contact us, please visit our contact page for contact hours and methods.