Antix Fitness Studio Policies and Procedures
1. Reservations. You must be booked online and prepaid to reserve your spot in all
classes. You are invited to sign up for a class with a 7-day window prior to the class
date using our scheduling system in MindBody. Monthly access pass clients are
provided 10-day window to schedule their classes.
2. If you have never had a pole dancing class, you must begin with our Beginner Pole
Series of classes. These classes include: Beginner Pole; Beginner Pole Tricks; and
Beginner Aerial Technique. You can start with any of these classes! However, if you
do not currently work out on a consistent basis, it is suggested not to start with
Beginner Aerial Technique. Stick with our Beginner Pole Series (and don't forget to
include our traditional fitness classes and other non-pole alternative classes) before
moving on to our Simple or "Sexy" Pole Series. The idea is to create a solid
3. You do not need an introductory class to join us in the following non-pole
alternative classes: Sexy Floor Work; Sexy Chair; Lap Dance; Ballates; Ballet;
Cardio Hip Hop; Club Dance; Yoga Dance Flow; and/or Yoga for Dancers!
4.A notification will be sent to you one day prior to your scheduled class.
5. Sometimes we need to provide information to you regarding a specific class.
When we do, the "notes" is lit up next to the class name.
Class notes are indicated
when this note pad changes from white to grey with lines across representing writing
These notes are also mentioned on our Facebook page. You are responsible to log
in and check these notes and/or check our Facebook page.
6. If a weekday class has less than three people 12-hours before class, this class will
be cancelled and you will be notified. Thursday is the last day to sign up for a
Saturday morning class. If a Saturday morning class has less than 3 people at 5 p on
the Thursday before, this class will be cancelled and you will be notified. If a Saturday
morning class has less than 3 people by Friday 5 p, this class will be cancelled and
you will be notified.
7. Please arrive 15 minutes early; no earlier.
8. Please remove your street shoes upon your arrival and leave them at the door.
9. LATE ARRIVALS: Please text if you are running late for class. If you are more
than 10 minutes late to class, you will not be allowed to join class. You will be
considered a "No Show" and will result in your fortfeiture of the class. We cannot
have you miss the warm-up for liabilty/safety reasons.
10. If you are not an Unlimited or Total Access Pass member, you must bring water
and a towel to ALL classes. These items may be purchased: Water/Gatorade is
$1/$2. Towel rental is $2.00.
11. Suggested Attire for ALL pole dancing classes: form-fitting pole shorts are best;
bare skin is necessary to create friction which will aid you in execution of spins,
tricks, and climbs properly. All pole dancing classes are bare foot (unless it is a
"Sexy" class.

Suggested Attire for Lap Dance, Sexy Chair and Sexy Floor: Leggings/yoga pants
or pole shorts  and pole shoes (please see our policy regarding Pole Shoes below).

Suggested Attire for Club Dance: Whatever you like to wear to dance in and athletic
shoes (please see our policy below regarding athletic shoes below). Make it sexy
and do some pole shorts and tube socks!

Suggested Attire for Cardio Hip Hop: form-fitting top and loose/baggy bottoms and
athletic shoes (please see our policy below regarding athletic shoes below). Add a
baseball cap, do-rag, beanie, wrist bands, and etc to be a hip hop star!

Suggested Attire for Pilates and Yoga: Legging/Yoga pants and bare feet.

Suggested Attire for Aero Barre: Whatever you like to wear to dance/workout in and
bare feet.

Suggested Attire for Core 'n' Sculpt, ICE, and Body Shred: whatever you like to wear
to workout in and athletic shoes (please see our policy below regarding athletic
shoes below).
12. NO lotion, oil, and/or perfume; this includes patchouli oil.
13. Remove ALL jewlery.
14. Hair must be up. If your hair is up and still past your shoulders, please put it in a
bun. This is for safety reasons; we do not want to step on your hair while spotting you.
15. Phones are to remain on "slient" in kept in your cubbie during all classes.
16. Pole Shoes: Pole Shoes' are worn during our "Sexy"  classes only. These
platform heels are highly recommended - no street shoe heels. We believe that
these specialized shoes are a vital element that help to facilitate movement in the
exotic dance technique that we are working in. We have a limited supply in our
studio boutique. Please call or email to inquire about our current supply. Please
note, we do not allow Pleaser shoes on our dance floor due to the marks they leave.
If you do not have a pair, it is okay. Bare feet are fine. It is suggested to bring a pair
of socks/leg warmers to make sliding and crawling easier.
17. Athletic Shoe Policy: If you are participating in one of our traditional fitness
classes that require athletic shoes, you must: carry your athletic shoes in to the
studio. They must be clean of all rock/dirt/debris. Change into them at the studio.
Change out of these shoes when you exit the studio. We are barefoot for most of our
classes and dancing on rocks and dirt is not safe or fun. Should you desire to
continue taking our traditional fitness classes, it is suggested to designate a pair of
athletic shoes just for studio-use.
18. You must a liability waiver upon your arrival for all classes that you participate in.
19. Please place personal items in the cubbies provided.
20. 5 and 10-class punch cards expire 3 months from purchase date. 15-class
punchcards expire 2 months from the date of purchase. Punchcards purchased
through social media expire 3 months from activation or on the voucher expiration
date - which ever comes first.
21. 90-minute classes are one punch and a half on your Alternative Class Punch
card. These classes include: Simple/Advanced Pole Fusion, Pole I, Climb & Invert,
and Pole II.
22. CANCELLING for PUNCHCARD CLIENTS: To cancel a scheduled class and
keep the class credit on your account,  you must provide a 24-hour notice. You may
either log into your account in MindBody to withdraw your name from that class,
email mikey@antixfitness.com, or text (within designated texting hours). There are
no refunds; exchanges/transfers only to another class equal in value. You must
cancel your reservation 24-hour prior to the class to avoid the "No Show" fee and
forfeiting the class. After you have cancelled the class, it is suggested to check your
account to make sure that your name has been withdrawn from that class. The
system may or may not send you a cancellation email depending upon your settings.
Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that your class has been cancelled.
Should you cancel without providing a 24-hour notice, and instead provide a "late
cancellation", the class is forfeited. Should you not communicate your cancellation
and not show up for class, your account will be charged a "No Show" fee and 3
additional classes will be deducted from your account.
23. CANCELLING for MONTHLY PASS CLIENTS: To cancel your scheduled
class and avoid the "Late Cancellation/No Show" fee of $15, Total/Unlimited Access
Pass clients can cancel up until 5 p that day. To cancel, please send a text or email.
If you are canceling within a 24 hour window, you can cancel by logging in to your
MindBody account.If you accumulate two "Late Cancellation"/"No Show" fees, and
have not paid the first, you will be removed from all future classes and your account
will remain inactive until paid. Should you attend a class while owing a fee, we have
the right to politely request that you report to the front desk to remedy your account
and bring it into good standing.
24. LATE CANCELLATIONS AND "NO SHOWS" for monthly memberships will
be charged a $15 Late Cancellation fee for either cancelling late and/or not showing
up for a class. Late Cancellation for punchcard clients result in forfeiture of the class.
"No Show" for punchcard clients result in 3 additional classes deducted from her
account/class package. Late Cancellation and "No Shows" for single class
purchases will get that class credit deducted from her account.
25. WAITING LIST: Our scheduling system may add you into any class up to
45-minutes from the class start time. Students may cancel off the waiting list at
anytime until the system adds you to the class. Sometimes the system sends an
automated email once your name has been added. However, students are
responsible for logging in and checking the schedule 45 minutes before the class
start time.

If you fail to check and you do not show up, you will be listed as a "No Show".
26. There are no children under the age of eighteen years allowed in the studio.
This policy includes babies -- even if you are just visiting.
27. There are no spectators allowed during classes.
28. All food must be eaten outside. Absolutely no food in the studio.
29. Please let the owner/instructor know of any pre-existing medical conditions  or
prior injuries before starting class to make your experience safe at Antix.
30. 'Restricted' and/or 'Private' calls are not answered. Please make the appropriate
adjustment on your phone should you call us.
31. Failure to follow these policies will result in the termination of your punchcard or
monthly access pass.
32. All of our prices are non-negotiable.